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our Core Values


This is who we are and what we model our business after. We strive to have the best and most knowledgeable staff to take care of your vehicle and we also use the best and highest quality of parts and accessories for your vehicle. You always get what you pay for and we know that auto repair can get expensive, therefore to ensure that everything is always the best, we never shy away from choosing quality when it comes to our shop and our clients.


We take pride in the way we operate our shop and attend to our clients. Integrity is about being honest, having strong ethics and moral to believe in and implement. We are honored when a client instills their trust in us and that comes from all of our hard work to ensure that everyone that comes through our doors are treated exactly the same, with kindness, exceptional customer service, a fair price and the receives the best value in auto repair.


The essence of everything we practice and believe comes down to HONESTY, without it we have nothing. We take pride in being honest and building an everlasting trust between us an our clients. It is important to us for our community to know that we are and want to continue to be part of the community for many years to come and continue to support and receive support. We know that this starts from one place only and that is by always telling the TRUTH.


“Building Relationships & Offering Value to Our Neighbors”

Since the first time Advance Auto opened its doors in 1986 we have made it our goal and priority to provide excellent and quality auto repair to our surrounding communities. To us is is important that every single customer gets the same treatment and the best treatment. Our customers are more than just customers, they are our neighbors too and we couldn’t any more proud to be parts of such a community. As a professional auto repair shop it is our legal and moral duty to ensure that every car has been attended to as if it is our own and make sure that it’s safe for the road and to provide greaet customer satisfaction. To achieve that we provide a thorough multi-point inspections on all vehicles, every repair comes with a standard 24 month/24,000 mile warranty and our staff is one of the most highly trained,knowledgeable and experienced in the community. We are extremely proud of all our technicians ,their dedication and their effort to put out trustworthy and quality work. Remember we are serving and living in this community and if there is anything that we can offer or do to help, feel free to call us or stop by for a visit and we will be more than happy to talk to you.